25 settembre 2012

Ci scrive un'amica ocds da Indianapolis

Il Signore costruisce ponti per unire i suoi figli.

La comunità ocds della Risurrezione di Indianapolis
Dal Carmelo secolare di Indianapolis abbiamo ricevuto un messaggio affettuoso a commento del nostro post sulla visita del Santo Padre alle carmelitane del Libano... e anche la traduzione in inglese di quel post (che pubblichiamo di seguito).
Deborah Thurston, OCDS
Indianapolis ci scrive:
 "La nostra comunità della Risurrezione ha 50 anni e si riunisce nel centro di spiritualità diocesana ... e attrae nuovi visitatori ogni mese! I fedeli hanno sete di orazione profonda e la spiritualità Carmelitana".


Sunday, September 16, at the end of his apostolic visit to Lebanon, while the procession of cars headed to the Rafic Hariri airport, Benedict XVI called for a stop not indicated in the program of the Apostolic Journey: his destination, the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites nuns, named for Mary Mother of God (Theotokos), in Harissa, which 15 years ago also was visited by John Paul II.
The Carmelite nuns had hoped so much that the Pope could dedicate some time to them, and his arrival sparked overwhelming joy.  It was a great thrill especially for the Prioress, Mother Teresa of Jesus, a Spanish nun in her nineties, one of the three foundresses of the monastery; she has been present for 50 years in Harissa.
It was Mother Teresa alone who welcomed the Pope, the first to kiss his hand affectionately. Then, with all the community, Pope Benedict wanted to share a few moments of prayer.
A short walk, surrounded by the joyous Carmelites who sang a song for him and to whom Benedict XVI gave a mosaic depicting the Virgin and Child. At the end of the celebration he gave the Apostolic Blessing and a special blessing, for the cornerstone of a new monastery to be built in the city where Jesus performed his first miracle, Cana.
These "daughters of the Church," a definition so dear to Teresa of Avila , foundress of the Discalced Carmelites, continue thus their apostolate in the cloister.
Long ago, in a letter published by the Italian magazine 30 Days, [Harissa's prioress] Mother Teresa of Jesus wrote: "In the Church, our mother, we have the job of "sentinels", being the Discalced Carmelites, a cloistered, contemplatives, at the sidelines, but not cast aside ... . Holy Mother Teresa of Jesus constantly reminds us that we are Daughters of the Church and of the need for our total gift of self to those who are the "defenders" of the Church." [Translation: D.T.]